Vans x Lizzie Armanto "The Lizzie"

Vans x Lizzie Armanto "The Lizzie"

Vans is excited to unveil an all-new skate shoe in partnership with Vans pro skateboarder Lizzie Armanto. As a trailblazer in skateboarding, Lizzie is an inspiration, breaking down the barriers of what’s possible. So, when Vans set out to create Lizzie’s first signature skateboarding shoe.
This would be the first skate shoe designed by a woman in 20 years.

The latest iteration of "The Lizzie" is made in a wear-away styled skate hi-top, designed to please skaters with the idea of the more you trash and skate the more the blue shines through. Engineered with a double layer fabric, using a soft moulding leather to hide the bright blue essence beneath.

"I really enjoyed the process of creating a shoe from the ground up,” Lizzie said. “I felt compelled to make a shoe that is simple, functional, feels good on your feet and has a bit of soul, and feel proud of what we were able to accomplish.”
To bring this vision to life, Lizzie worked closely with Vans’ Innovation and Product Development teams on a performance-fit last molded directly from 3D scans of her feet.

Lizzie wanted a shoe that represented her completely, The Lizzie is finished with minimal detailing, including Lizzie’s signature initials on the exterior tongue label as well as her first and last name on the underside of the heel flaps, visible only when flipped up. Bright pops of hand drawn citrus and botanical illustrations on the shoe’s interior lining speak to Lizzie’s love of plants.

"The Lizzie" is available in-store and online here, also read more about the thought and process behind the creation of the new iteration of "The Lizzie" here
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